Date: Saturday, 06 February 2010
Time: 12:45 – 14:00
Location: Joseph G. Green Theatre, CFT, York University
Street: 4700 Keele Street
Town/City: Toronto, ON

The Ashley Plays are a site specific cycle of five minute original one-person plays inspired by a collaboratively created profile of a non-gender specific character called Ashley. The plays are not linked by a story line, but rather by the Ashley character, a common place/time (December 7th 2009, York University, Centre for Film & Theatre).

Audience pods will view the cycle in two different groups, starting at different sites, led by a guide.

Meeting Point for audience: In front of Joseph G Green Theatre Box Office, Centre for Film & Theatre
Time: 12:45

This event is free and no tickets are required. Because of the nature of the work, there are no late comers. Audience pods will leave for their first site at 1 pm sharp.

The ten plays in the cycle are created by playwrights/dramaturgs from York University’s playwriting/new play dramaturgy courses, directed by Judith Rudakoff

4290 playwrights:
Evan Vipond
Jennifer Krukowski
Chris Michael Burns
Katie Alguire
Sarah Moteelall
Joel Pettigrew
Renna Reddie
Dan Daley
Rain Chan
Dan Vena
Michael Lyons (absent)

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